To get shot or to suicide and die on pavement by jumping off a building

I heard that someone dop liki
by Akairie December 19, 2021
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Add non acholic beverage to a shot for better taste.
Dude did you dop that shot or take it straight?
by tocilka22 March 29, 2019
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Dop was a fictional character created by Trainhead. Dop was executed for war crimes on 04/20/2020. His execution method was by explosion.
Finally Dop has been executed for his war crimes.
by Rapid roger April 20, 2020
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This word is derived from the word Dopamine in psychology known as the Neurotransmitter that is involved in Learning, excitement, attention, also pleasurable and rewarding feelings.
In short means when something is dop it means that it released dopamine into my brain therefore it was pleasurable, cool, or awesome.
That was dop!

That car is dop, it made my dad just looking at it.

Being an actor is dop.
by Ivizelle September 16, 2012
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A slang word originating in Southwestern Ontario, used to show agreement, say 'I agree' or describe something particularly pleasing. Was started by lazy people describing things as 'dope', eventually dropping the e.
Friend 1: Hey man, you want to come bowling with us later tonight?
Friend 2: Dop.

Floyd Fan: That Laser Floyd show last night was so dop!
by MeltedOzark April 16, 2011
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An amazing counterstrike player that is recognized by many players as being good. Not a single player but a designation of a very exclusive and small group of players that are recognized by all as having super amazing skills. This player often "Aces" the entire other team and pulls of ninja bomb defusals.
Wow that guy total rolled our team.. What a Dop
by boxertm December 29, 2007
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An act of masturbation whilst having a shower.
Person 1: How was your shower?
Person 2: Awesome. I had a dop.
by dopper123 July 27, 2010
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