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When referring to drugs, the word "Dope" means Heroin. In the '50s and early '60s, straight people referred to pot as dope but when heroin gained popularity the meaning changed to mean heroin specifically.

Referring to other drugs like crack, coke, speed, meth etc as dope is an incorrect use of the word and dilutes its true meaning.
"Hey, you got any dope? I'm sick as a dog man."
by FlatEar Mick January 29, 2019
Junkie = a heroin addict.

Specifically, someone who injects and is addicted to, or "strung out" on heroin. Not to be confused with "Junky" which can refer to something of little use, value or sometimes a person who is "addicted" to something.

The word Junkie became popular from the book "Junkie" by William S. Burroughs the worlds most famous and revered Junkie.

Junkie is often used for someone who can't stop doing something, (drugs, video games, etc) but the true meaning refers only and specifically to a heroin addict.
"Jack does drugs, but he's no junkie."

"Mick's been strung out for 10 years, he's a real junkie"
by FlatEar Mick January 29, 2019
"Chill out" originated on the east coast, NYC specifically and was a term used by heroin addicts who were going through heroin withdrawals. One of the many symptoms of heroin withdrawal is getting the chills and fellow junkies as a way to say see you later would tell each other to "chill out" meaning stay well, don't get sick or don't go into withdrawals from not having heroin.

See also "Dope Sick"
"I'm sick man, you got anything, I need something?" "No, I got nothing, chill out."
by FlatEar Mick January 29, 2019