A woman with no morals aka hoe. Ready and willing for any sexual activity even during ungodly hours of the night.
1. Man, its 1 am and I'm bored out of my mind. I might as well call this Doodlebop for a quicky.
by MauMau4 February 14, 2008
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A doodlebop is a thing. It's any object - any thing that's a thing. You know when you're snapping your fingers and you can't come up with the right word for something? It becomes a doodlebop.
Oh, I've got some nice little doodlebops you can throw on that table to spruce it up.
by TheDoodlebop May 29, 2019
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A show that comes on Disney channel that consists of three main characters, DeeDee (pink one) , Rooney (blue one) , and Moe (orange one). They dress in bright outfits and sing and dance a lot. Most children like them a lot and they even have a live tour. They call them shows a child's first "rock" show. Some adults/teens like them too for their fun antics and the entertainment they bring.
#1. I went and saw the DoodleBops today!!
#2. I swear those DoodleBops are on drugs, that Bus Driver Bob even has a beer belly.
#3. I love the DoodleBops
by AmberHendrix April 1, 2007
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doodlebops are the coolest things ever! there is:
doodlebop 1, doodlebop 2, and dr. doodlebop.
*not to be mistaken with whos*

"doodlebops took over whosville" = )
by dr. doodlebop July 25, 2006
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To tap the genitals of another with your hand or an object. Doodlebops are not meant to be violent or painful. They are a sign of affection and onesupsmanship. Can be used as a noun, verb, or exclamation.
Noun: "While we waited in line, Fred gave me a good doodlebop."

Verb: "I doodlebopped Bob in line."

Exclamation: (as you are tapping someone's genitals) "Doodlebop!"
by bad1978 November 19, 2009
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Liek Omg extremely annoying little kids show that sadly, some super-emo teenagers watch to keep their mind off how much their life "sucks". Basically like random clown things dancing around, wasting half an hour of the life of the viewer.
"Liek Omg!!! I watched the Doodlebops the other day and liek omg im so emo and im like 16 and i still watch little kid shows!" ~ Weirdo Emo kid...
by grndyfn February 6, 2006
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