a person of a sex that acts like the opposite sex but more exaggerated making him look Super gay.. thats a Gay ass Nigga.
Look at how that dude sucks on that lollipop he acts like he sucking on a dildo what a Gay ass nigga......
by Gdubs4 May 24, 2009
niggas that like their asses ruptured. likes loli anime and dota 2
have you heard about dis kid named andrew? wut a gay ass nigga
by icydesolation October 7, 2018
Terrell: that nigga derek is a gay ass nigga, he stay saying some gay shit.
by IggyThicc June 14, 2019
The month of June, which all gay ass niggas was born.
That faggot was born in gay ass nigga month, look at that nigga prance around and shit like that.
by gayassniggamonth July 14, 2019
dude, have you seen how small steves dick is? because it is smaller than my left ass cheek he is such a gay ass bitch nigga named steve
by big street nigga February 21, 2020