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(Adj.) Cool, fly, awesome, terrific; So damn sickwithit it makes you wanna BLAST in faces right on the spot
(Noun) One who is a truly swagged out sexual bastard (with or without anal blood lust, but must enjoy drinking ABLs or anal blood lusts), slaps good music, can easily mack on women (but may or may not choose to because he is a gentleman), works insanely hard and parties just as hard, is himself/herself regardless of the situation, and might even town drop on fools at Safeway in aisle 6 if he pleases
(Noun) A movement - hard working, successful, young adults who live life to the fullest and always do them
*Bay Area slang, coined by CRADtastic of Brisa
*Origin: 7 women + my buddies stacked in one civic while slapping Donnis - "Tonight"

tonight tonight tonight

Syn: A1
That party in Davis, CA was the most crackin, Donnis event I've ever been to...bad women, good friends, good times.

It's donnis out here out here everyday cuz yeah imma do it imma do it for the bay.
by CRADtastic December 14, 2011
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As expected, all Donni's were present at the party, everyone was so pleased.
by Sexymillan August 13, 2017
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An incredibe person they are kind, sweet and gorgeous. However, no one would notice a Donni is as amazing as you would think. If you have a Donni in your life, make sure you show him/her how much you appreciate them. They are out going, slightly too noisy but when someone hurts them, they fall apart. They have a soft spot for memories and hold on to the past. One of the most lovely people you will ever meet but probably won't notice it. When they talk it is sarcastic and their humor is dark, sometimes they will slip out of line. Donni will never intend to hurt or harm anyone but it would seem like they deserve hate. Be kind to a Donni you don't know how hard they have it. Hold onto them and check how they are because their crazy ad funny outer layer is a cover of their insecurities even though they're stinning without knowing it. Hold onto a Donni because they will love you until the ends of the earth unconditionally, no matter what they're going through.
"Donni? Yeah she's ok I guess"
Sadness forgotten loving beauty
by XxAngeldimeXx October 26, 2017
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The Exact opposite of the female definition for Donnis. An individual whom is one of the dopest people you have ever met. An Intelligent, tough, shit talking leader. Nothing you say will ever get to a Donnis because he values no ones opinion. A thick skinned person who is similar to a jack of all trades, but more like an ace.
That guy is a real man, most definately a Donnis.
by Dnicest October 20, 2011
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Donnis's are typically very bitchy with a hint of sarcasm and manipulation.... they're bitter when they don't get their way and throw fits like a 3yr old. Watch out if you piss her off because she'll never forget it and will always bring it up. Don't mess with her ex-boyfriends either....or she'll show you just what a bitch a Donnis can be. Long dark hair (usually colored this way to hide their grey-ish blonde color) and saggy titties are a given.
Damn look at those saggy titties....that bitch got the Donnis goin on in her bra.
by mountainmamma February 04, 2010
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Is a smart,fine,handsome reliable guy who has a big penis and so good with the females and he is fine but don't know it and everyone is cool with him good at sports very fit and loveable and is daddy
by Just thatoneguy me June 18, 2018
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Name of a real ass bitch. He say what he want. He do what he want. And he has a no life. Most definitely a 1 of 1 and has a small dick but a temper bigger than His dick . Puts God first and takes care of his fam. If you Treat him right he’ll do the same back.
Donni: wassup bitch
Random guy: nigga you give me nightmares

Donni: fuck you man I’m trying to be nice
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by Jasmyn123 June 17, 2018
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