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Origin Greek and Latin:

1) Meaning Breeze in Spanish

2) A Sexy, Athletic, and Usually Latina Chick That Is Certainly Yo Mans Main Attraction. She can often be bi-lingual and bisexual. Leaving the girls hating and the boys masterbating (^_^)
Girl's thought: OMG She is so awesome and sexy and better than me at everything

Girl's boyfriend: WOW! I Am definately arosed by this latin beauty and would love to have intercourse with her and totally ditch you.

Girl: Im Jealous but i understand, She's Brisa.
by The Original... (Mello-Yello) February 20, 2010
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A fine ass lil mexican girlb that will jus blow yoo mind with her lil cut self she could really do a good impact in your life shes really gorgues funny cute shes the best out here :')
by Poppa Jesus August 27, 2017
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She is a little cutie.even married men want her.even the girl wants her.
Brisa is so gay
by Gaylittleboy January 21, 2018
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A rude person, usually a Latina. Will fuck up your life and start drama. Is usually feminist and annoying. Can be bi-sexual.
Boy1: Why does she always start Drama?!
Girl1: She’s a Brisa what do u expect?
by Sasha Gwen May 22, 2018
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