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Brisa a latin girl. Shes a girl whos not afraid to tell you the truth. Shes a strong very pretty girl. Even though she can be an asshole she always has your back at the end. Any friend or boyfriend will be lucky to have her. You will never meet someone like her.

#strong #neverLose #pretty #oneOfAKind #weird
Boy: damn have you seen brisa!
Girl: yea shes different
by Jj_adam January 16, 2019
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Origin Greek and Latin:

1) Meaning Breeze in Spanish

2) A Sexy, Athletic, and Usually Latina Chick That Is Certainly Yo Mans Main Attraction. She can often be bi-lingual and bisexual. Leaving the girls hating and the boys masterbating (^_^)
Girl's thought: OMG She is so awesome and sexy and better than me at everything

Girl's boyfriend: WOW! I Am definately arosed by this latin beauty and would love to have intercourse with her and totally ditch you.

Girl: Im Jealous but i understand, She's Brisa.
by The Original... (Mello-Yello) February 20, 2010
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A fine ass lil mexican girlb that will jus blow yoo mind with her lil cut self she could really do a good impact in your life shes really gorgues funny cute shes the best out here :')
by Poppa Jesus August 27, 2017
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Brisa is weird, loveable person,stand up for her friends,never fool around with her feelings,love animals,care about people,she never give up on the people she loves plus she is a awesome person to have around she have a lot of friends,she get hurt easily she always support her friends,she get mad if you hurt her or her friends,she is a very nice person to have with you,people never give on her

Brisa is a caring person who never give up on people,she courage people to follow their dreams and never give up on what they want in life,she love to be around the people she loves, people never give up on her,people love to have her around,she love to hang with other people.
Boy:She really nice
Girl:Duh she is a Brisa
by AnimalsLoverโค April 28, 2019
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She is a little cutie.even married men want her.even the girl wants her.
Brisa is so gay
by Gaylittleboy January 21, 2018
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A antisocial leader who loves anime. Might steal your food.
My club president is such a Brisa.
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by WeebTrash101 October 25, 2018
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