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Donnavan isn’t a cheater, or full or himself. He’s the most caring,loving,and funny man you could ever meet. When he wants something, he’ll fight for it, but not in a bad way. He would have brown eyes and black hair. When someone is sad and he looks at u, he knows something is wrong, and he tried to help in any possible way he can. Other time when someone messes with his friend , a Donnavan would stop them until the friend would be happy again. People think he might be the bad boy skipping school, but that’s not entirely true if I know a Donnavan that behaves the opposite. When ur with him, u might have this feeling of relief and happiness Among u, and that really is a rare felling.No other boy will ever care about other people more that a Donnavan will, so when u catch him, never let go, and be thankful 🙂
Bully: why are u so short, did a packcake maker flatten u?
Nerd: No, I’m not short at all
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by Emi circle December 26, 2017
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Mistaken to be a player and a cheater because he's very handsome, confident, popular, big, tall and usually seen around pretty young ladies who are just friends.
Boy 1: man, i see that guy with different girls
Boy 2: He must be a player and maybe he has a Girlfriend who is cheating on hahaha
Boy 1 : Maybe your right but what if he's not?
Boy 3: Then that's what you call a "Donnavan", what we boys admire and what them girls desire
Boy 1 & 2: OHHHHHHHH.... aight
Boy 2: Yeah i get called a Donnavan now and then haha
by >>Loyalty<< September 20, 2016
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A pervert or pedifile that steals ones girlfriend by sweet talking. But then turns out to be a player.
Boy 2: Quit being such a Donnavan.
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