God, President, Brother, Mentor, Friend. Synonymous with talent.
Every night I get on my knees and pray to Dong Sicheng.
by winwin for president 2020 October 1, 2018
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Dong Sicheng, the purest, most soft SM Idol ever, who always seems to never receive enough recognition.
Dong Sicheng is the nation's baby boy!
by sichengspinkhair February 4, 2019
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He is a soft little creature. He deserves better. SM is not treating him fairly. But we will love him no matter what! He's currently in a relationship with Yuta but at the same time with Taeil. What can do, its a love triangle. Better luck next time, ladies!
Protect Dong Sicheng at all coast!
by taeyongirl December 24, 2018
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Underrated Chinese jesus blessing everyone with his musicial also dance talent and insane visual.
He needs more lines.
nctzen #1 ; damn! did you see dong sicheng? he slayed!

nctzen #2 ; yes! he's such an skinny legend!
by givewinwinmorelines November 3, 2018
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-Literally the most adorable creature born on the planet called earth (i'm not responsible for other planets, excuse yall)
-A fluffball that radiates HAPPINESS, hie second name is HAPPINESS
-the award of most adorable giggle goes to Dong Sicheng.

Shortly, humans don't deserve a Dong Sicheng. Only Nakamoto is allowed to keep him in his pocket.
Yall, go worhip THE DONG SICHENG!!!! IT's a must, you dense people.
-ayy i saw the star falling 💫
-wait, isn't it Dong Sicheng coming in my way? 🌟
by Yutassei February 12, 2019
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