A girl who is very funny and will laugh at your jokes. She will think about what the best is for her family and friends. She is caring and will always be there to give guidance
Donelle helped me get over my fear.
by h2omermaid June 12, 2019
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Very laid back easily annoyed, not really into drama. Is a Pretty boy type. Keep things playa for the most part. A very smart individual.
Donelle looked very nice in that suit.
by Donney March 13, 2017
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A really annoying poser. She just annoys the hell out of everyone.
Donelle is such a poser.
by enonomous November 1, 2004
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A name that is a variation on the Irish root ‘Donald’. He is a guy that expects nothing from anyone and yet gives what he can to any person who gives him respect. He will not abandon his true friends and is a genius in his own right. Gain him as a friend and you will never be alone.
Person 1: Who is that guy? I just threw a drink at him because he stopped me from slapping my girlfriend.

Person 2: That is Donel and you are luck to be alive. Usually he would treat a person like you to an ironic death such as being slapped to death by Freddy Krueger.
by CountZero282 December 1, 2011
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A guy who's After a bag of money and a to die for girlfriend to spend it with But, he's been hurt most of his life an feels he has nobody in his corner and he still tries to love even Though people change on him daily, He is also a cool sweet Guy and he's amazing in bed😜😝
Donell is Truly Amazing and someone I'll fuck with
by RealFacts Being Told April 1, 2017
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Donell is the type of girl who you should cherish in your lifetime. She can be sassy at times, but will always be there for you. She is continuously there when you need a laugh, but don't get on her bad side. If anyone hurts her closest family or friends, you better watch out because Donell always puts them before herself. She isn't afraid to get revenge on those who hurt them. She can sometimes think lowly of herself but in others' minds, she is a sweet, kind human being. She is extremely gorgeous and has one of those laughs that make anyone smile. Donell has a lot of natural personal qualities that make her a good worker and always works to the best of her ability. If you ever find a Donell in your life, keep her close and don't lose her.

Donell always has men running after her, but she has high standards for she should. Anyone that Donell choose's should be very honoured because Donell is the most amazing person, and always is light in the relationship. She always looks good, even at her worst. Donell is a big believer in true love, so get ready for a marvellous ride.
"Fuck, look at that hella hot girl over there!"
"That's Donell, she's too good for any of us."
"She has an amazing body!"
"I'd love to date her, but she's way out of my league."
by Johnnyboi212 October 10, 2019
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Some who is naturally a good person by heart but doesn’t trust anyone because of past trauma and knows how people get but is a very interesting person once you get to know them he may have an evil side but it would take a lot to trigger it
That Donel I can’t figure him out but he treats me so right
by Cerified rullaboi August 16, 2021
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