John Oliver indicated that Drumpf is Trump's ancestral name. Oliver proposed the nation therefore call him Donald Drumpf, especially since Trump doesn't like immigrants.
by Ereck Flowers June 29, 2016
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n. A nut-sack comb over. Where one's scrotum is lacking in hair, but the thighs are exceptionally hairy so you comb your thigh hair over your scrote so you don't look like you have a 12 year old's package.
"Nancy, when I pulled down his pants he had a Donald Drumpf going on down there. I parted the hair sea and licked his bald marble purse."
by NATIVE HULK February 29, 2016
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Donald Drumpf: Covfefe
Everyone else: Excuse me what the fuck?

See below a picture of Donald Drumpf dancing.
by Inquisitive Walnut July 30, 2019
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The true name of the genius himself, Donald Trump.
Dude1: "Hey man! Are yoi voting for Donald Trump?"
Dude2: "No, I'm voting for Donald Drumpf!"
by John Smith 69 May 2, 2016
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