An expression meaning that if one thing/person/etc. is affected in some way, all those surrounding it will do the same.
1. If one infected person sneezes in an elevator, most of the people inside will eventually become sick.
2.If the Soviets invade one of its neighbors, many others will succumb to the same result soon enough.
by Smkngmgc September 16, 2004
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When you pee in the first urinal and a friend pee's in the last urinal, you each turn your pee streams towards the guy peeing next to you, thus he turns to pee on the guy next to him to avoid your pee, dominion to the guy in the middle who is pissed on in both directions.
"Let's do the domino effect in the movie theater bathroom"

"Ah! Why are both of you peeing on me!"
by Casious May 07, 2010
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