A severe state of intoxication in which one cannot utilize his/her brain for even the simplest functions.
He was truly domeless after 12 chops, 8 shots, and 2 Mook lops
by Bweakfast February 9, 2017
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Domeless means without dome, as in without head. If someone is domeless, they have lost their head and are therefore crazy, but in the best way possible.
That girl just ate cereal off of a running treadmill. She's domeless.
by DirtyJ12195 March 31, 2015
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A man who has sex without a condom. It is derived from the word "dome" which is a slang term used for condom. Hence, domeless means "without condom." Warrior is self-explanatory.
Last night, Tommy had sex with that slut without using a condom. He's quite the domeless warrior.
by Phil Agap August 27, 2006
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Basically it means someone who is inanely stupid , usually applied to the type of individual who is slow witted but unsuccessfully attempts to assume perceived intelligence and wit by making grossly inane,exagerated , and ludicrously inaccurate comments.
The hostile reaction of the press to people who choose not to observe national anthems reveals that far from being educational and informative they arevperceived as a bunch of domeless wonderboys.
by Kingcobrakenny November 24, 2017
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And now we will watch Sofia Franklin's career disappear. That girl is domeless.
by loretta7! May 26, 2020
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