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one that is extremly good at most things. ridicoulously good looking. women are naturally attracted to him. Makes other guys jealous. Like kevin.
Dang kevin and franklin are so lucky they get all the ladies.
by Cheech n Chong September 25, 2008
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a person who is always reserved. Everything this person does, there is a reason. Franklin tries to manipulate people if possible. Franklin really loves adventure and hate falling in love. But when Franklin falls in love, it's really sad. It's because this person always rushes things up because this person's time is limited. That's what Franklin always think. Also, Franklin really is compassionate and this person always care for the people this person is around. I'm sure Franklin is always smiling even though everything's not going on the right way for Franklin.
That person is always ambiguous like Franklin.

Many people tried to know Franklin and they didn't like him.

Franklin, stop rushing things!

Franklin, you need to stop being so mushy.
by m0byby12 September 26, 2009
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v. A masterbation technique in which a male rubs the penis very slowly and quietly as to not be noticed by others in the room. This causes the penis to slowly become hard and ejaculate just as a turtle slowly pokes his head out from its shell, such as the book and TV show star Franklin.

Can be used in the past as franklined, and future as franklining/franklinin.
I hope they don't notice me franklin it right now. Man my roommate heard me franklining it last night.
by VinceGuyMan July 10, 2008
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United States one hunderd dollar bills.
Named because of the likeness on Benjamin Frankiln on the currency.
I layed down a couple franklins and da biotch let me give her da kobe special. A couple franklins will get you ten rocks from my man DollA.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 31, 2003
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