When something is very good or awesome or highly enjoyable
Yo that’s so doey!”
by Kc-and-Mh+Eg September 3, 2022
An amazingly brilliant, super-cute, kind and caring, loving and affectionate "Joe".
My Doey.
by Deedles 23 February 5, 2010
One who takes a while to understand or get things.
God you're a doey.

Blah! You're doey in the head.

Tahlia, ya doey.
by SingMyOwn January 4, 2009
"So i showed him my doey..."
by Mr.Nyhan September 20, 2003

A name of the most amazing person you will ever meet! usually a girl and usually Asian

She has amazing facial features and beautiful hair! She's kind and thinks about others. She Is also incredibly smart. She has an amazing body and fashion.

Doei is just a genuinely sweet/caring/loving/beautiful person!
-wow did you meet that doei?

-yah! She was so lovely I want to be her friend!

-and her fashion! Wow
by turtleduck December 10, 2013
a buck with no antlers, aka a hot guy with no balls
so i let this guy get me wasted last night and he didnt even try to fuck me...what a doey deer
by jonnydeepp January 5, 2011
The doey classic is when you break a wall and get a stair in their box and take the wall.
Ah shit he doey classic-ed me.
by Doey Classic January 21, 2020