verb. dobby'd, dobbying, dobbys.

When, during intercourse, the male finishes by climaxing into an old sock found on the floor, then throwing said sock at the female and loudly announcing her freedom for all the world to hear.
Man1: "Oh dude, so we were fucking and i was about to cum, and i saw an old sock on the ground, so i grabbed it, blew my massive wad on it and Dobby'd the fuck out of her."

Man2:"Did you remember to inform her of her freedom?"

Man1:"YEAH! It was hilarious, i was like;"YOU ARE NO LONGER SLAVE TO THE HOUSE OF MALFOY!!"
by MIKELEV February 24, 2011
Dobby is used to insult Trims or clothes
Oi my n word your crepes are dobby bruv
by Ksjsbsie July 30, 2019
A girl who looks incredibly similar to a small, weird looking elf from Harry Potter.
That midget girl is Dobby don’t you think?
by grace2saucy July 22, 2021
A cute and psycho dog. He likes to eat birds and rabbits.
by IAdmitThatImAWhore July 9, 2019
Term used to describe someone with the tendency to annoy others and have weird social habits.
A person like this tends to repel people from making social contact.
by Blah_Blah January 19, 2008
a small, gnome like member of the ADF with suicidal and possibly homicidal tendencies. roughly 3 feet tall it can knock you down without even physically touching you - such is his might. this small creature is easily aggravated and makes for great sport. its weaknesses include:
. sport
. PT
. Social interaction
. Women
. Life
and its multitude of strengths include.
. oh wait....
Dobby may say things like: don't be surprised if you find me in the morning, hanging from my locker!
by Tobias Karlsson February 10, 2010