An incredibly attractive man, usually at a teen age
See that kid over there, he's such a Dobby.
by DobbyLover69 October 15, 2019
A Merchant Navy term for washing/laundry.
That basket's gettin kinda full...better put a dobby on.
by Fasherman60 December 18, 2006
Have you seen dobby he's so hot.
by hugepersonn December 9, 2020
To get really intoxicated off of alcohol.

Similar to hammered, shittered, wasted, dickered.

History behind the name: A man once got so drunk he started to talk in the voice of the house elf Dobby from the Harry Potter series.
Dude, I'm going to get so dobbyed tonight

Last night, I was straight up dobbyed
by luckyduck787878878 October 31, 2011
When a boy/girl under 18 is given an article of clothing as a present, and they yell at the top of their lungs: "Master has presented Dobby with (article of clothing), Dobby is free!!!" After the cry is yelled, the boy/girl proceeds to freak out. Often used during christmas when underwear or ugly sweaters are recieved and the "Dobby" in the situation does not like it.
Mom: Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!, Here is your gift!
Jon:* Violently opens present to find a pair of socks.* M- master has Presented Dobby with socks, Dobby is freee!

*strips down to wife beater and proceeds to run out of the house
Mom: Fuck. He's Dobbying again. SON, STOP DOBBYING!! I'LL GET YOU MONEY!!!
by The Free Elf June 11, 2013
Man, look at him over there eating apples. He's a total Dobbie!
by Riiiiiiny November 19, 2009
garden centre where middle class halfwits come and ask for everything they buy to be wrapped in tissue paper.

"Hello, I work at Dobbies and I'm suicidal"


"Can i take the next customer at this checkout please"
"Hi, you don't mind wrapping this mug, compost bag, barbecue and towel up in tissue paper do you? It's just I've got a long journey back home and I don't want them to break"
"Get bent, bitch."
by Bobogez May 17, 2007