A Do-Boy is a person who watches BruceDropEmOff on Twitch and is not subbed. And the reason they are named Do-Boys is because they would do anything I mean ANYTHING for a gifted sub.
A random North Dakota nigga - “Liln u a sub or Do-Boy”
Do-Boy - “I’m a Do-Boy”😔
by CashDropEmOff July 02, 2021
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One who does everthing for his associate under demand and receive no praises for his accomplishments. The pussy of the neighborhood, the one you sent to the store for a dutch and you didnt let him/her hit it when they got back. This phrase is mainly used after the task at hand is completed. It may have originated from the prison term "fresh fish/meat" both meaning the same thing.

1.A put down.
2.A self esteem destroyer.
3.Your personal bitches official tag./Personal slave.
1.The request/demandYo go to the store a snag a dutch for us homie.The put down I appreciate it...Do-boy!

2.STFU thats why your the Do-boy of the hood and everybody know it but you.

3.A Do-boy have that xbox plugged up by the time we get back so we can get this halo 2 match going. (of course this gameing session will not include the Do-boy)
by Drunkenmonk January 30, 2006
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The phrase "do boy" has been used in the early 90's in southern ebonics to classify a certain type of guy.
A "do boy" is a guy that likes or loves a girl that is not really interested in him, but the girl will keep this guy around to do things for her.
She'll keep him around to wash her car, buy her something to eat, and run errands for her. But she'll NEVER be his GIRLFRIEND, and will only hang out with him when she can't find nothing else better to do.
Girls only have this kind of guy around to boost up their self-esteem so when other relationships go wrong they can always call up the "do boy" to take them out, or tell them how beautiful they are.
I now it's ill but people actually do this.
Kacey: Girl, I didn't know you was dating Marcos.

Tiffany: I ain't dating Marcos, he just my "do boy".
by Southern Ebonics April 18, 2006
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any crackhead or alcoholic that runs errands for money or a hit of crack or some alcohol.
a do boy is crackhead that does errands or hustles
by cezani October 23, 2008
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Errand boy for a drug king.

done boy- past tense of the ilicit do boy
Do boy, go get me a Whopper with cheese and a gin and juice.

Look, done boy, this is ridiculous. I have already moved on. I'm cooking; I'll talk to you later.
by Kerry T September 21, 2005
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a person dat does what anybody says
Ex Sentence:
A where yo lil do boi at ?
by Hot Atl Mama December 23, 2004
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