A response or command generally used to express one's approval for another's stated or implied plan of action.
Person 1: "Hey, man. I gotta go - someone is calling me"
Person 2: "No worries, do your thing."
by Taste These Mangerines February 7, 2019
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Something that Drake wants Savage 21 to do
- 21, do your thing, 21, do your thing
- yeah okay
by XXXdead November 6, 2022
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Something said by a female that means DO NOT DO IT AGAIN. Usually slang
You’re not my boyfriend. So do your thing.”
by Locqa January 4, 2018
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A phrase typically used by members of cancel culture, radical leftists, and terminally online Twitter users as a call-to-action to find an individual's personal information and release it to the public (also known as doxxing). Typically used against perceived racists, homo/transphobes, misogynists, etc.
OMG this guy was caught being misogynistic towards me and my friends!! twitter, do your thing!!
by joeldba June 17, 2021
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Any one doing his own thing without worrying about what people think!
Joey is playing ball, doing moves like a superhero! Bobby said do your thing chicken wing!
by saltysailor007 August 29, 2017
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