It means I know already. (Ex.James Told Zoey He liked her She Replyed with Yeah Okay)
I logged into my facebook this morning and got a message from James he said he liked me i messaged back with Yeah okay.
by Lacosta111 June 25, 2014
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A sarcastic remark used when one is doubtful of someone else's claim.
Person 1: Dude, I totally got laid last night.
Person 2: Yeah, okay.

by mightybanana April 20, 2009
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A phrase used when not listening to someone when your're talking to them, probably because your eyes are attached some girls ass, or you're staring at the guys mole.
"Hey man, what's up?"

"Yeah, okay"

"Cool, wanna go into my room and do... something?"

"Yeah, okay"

"let's go!"

"Yeah, okay"

=5 mins later=

"Dude, you've been staring at that girls ass, are you gay or not?"

"Yeah okay"
by Baseball Maria October 03, 2009
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Another example of sarcasm, intended to laugh mockingly at an insult your opponent has just said.
Him: "Boy, are you stupid or what!?"
Me: "Yeah okay buddy".
by ImGonnaDJ January 25, 2016
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derived by lil jon in the usher video "yeah" it means that mr jon is happy....
saying yeah really means u are happy
by ashleys lil bro February 27, 2005
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A term used, normally by gingers, in response to a question or comment. It is very annoying.
Jessica- You're so annoying!
Conrad- "Yeah okay buddy"
Jessica- Stop saying that!
Conrad- "Yeah okay buddy!"
Jessica- You're dead to me.
Conrad- "Yeah okay buddy"
by curt181818 December 20, 2008
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A random phrase to scream out in public places with your friends, peticuarly during movies, on roller coasters, or mid-flight on a plane. However, it is meaningless when the pronounciation goes terribly wrong, which is common.
'Yeah!' cried Jim
'What?' yelled Bob responding to Jim
'Okay!' shouted the stranger sitting in the row in front of Jim and Bob
'Shut the fuck up and watch the goddamned movie!' Shouted some prick noone likes
by Matthew Shelley August 21, 2004
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