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Dance that came out of north philly often done to fast party music at dolla parties
People at parties like to do the D Mac
by JPhilly January 03, 2008
Dmac's are very happy go lucky people that just love life. Dmac is the funniest person you will ever meet.
He loves kissing girls, but when he does, it means somethining. He won't just hook up with anyone, it will be someone special. Dmac is also very good looking and very flirtatious.
The best guy you will ever meet and you can't help but love him!
by Julia92 December 15, 2010
a style of dance originated
in philadelphia clubs such as 923
d-mac is bouncing,bobbing up and down
while extending your arms out
in various odd but simple actions
by February 11, 2008
A type of beer league hockey player. They wear #25 in honor of their Detroit Red Wing hero. D'Macs can be found nationwide.

Although normally not very large or muscular, they are the type of hockey player that offers protection on the ice to everyone on their team.
"Hey, that guy just slashed Dad with his stick"...
"Dont worry D Mac wiil offer his protection"
by The Yankee's Rebel Son August 05, 2009
(Dirty Motorboater Alarm Clock) While your girlfriend is sleeping on her stomach you wake her up by motorboating her booty.
I woke that bitch up with the DMAC!
by a_dic_wrinkle August 14, 2011
1. epitome of cool, so cool people can't even pronounce his first name or his full last name
2. a sad geek who attempted to recreate himself as cool with a snappy name
1. Dude: Hey D..Mac... what's up?
D-Mac: Gas prices
Dude: You're so cool
2. Dude: Hey! Get the fuck out of here you nerd.
D-Mac: Man I ain't a nerd, I'm D-Mac.
Dude: Who?
D-Mac: You know Da Mack, D-Mac get it?
Dude: You're such a nerd.
by DaMac June 06, 2007
n- acronym for dimethylacetamide {CH3CON(CH3)2}, a polar, water-miscible solvent used for carrying out chemical reactions or casting polymer films. CAS: 127-19-5, density: .937 g/cm^3, bp: 165C, mp: -20C.

typically pronounced either by spelling out the letters or simply "d-mac". Exhibits solvation characteristics similar to other polar solvents such as acetone, DMSO, or THF.
after dissolving the polymer in DMAc we cast films and allowed them to dry.
by Skippy McJimmers March 21, 2006
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