“that sex was dizzy”
“that food did not taste good, that shit was dizzy”
-Tana Mongeau
by nobody 101010101 July 16, 2019
A lovely nickname for a person <3
Their probably very close to you and you maybe just thought of the nickname dizzy because they had a D in there name or username and all you could think of is the song "Dizzy On The Comedown" by Turnover
I love Dizzy, they are very special to me <3
by larsnt_ July 9, 2022
Tana Mongeau and her friends started saying this so it became popularised. It’s basically like mad or crazy or insane or like a reaction. But then again if you’re feeling cracked you can say it to anything.
Some bitches really be dizzy but not us girl.
Person 1 :* sends badly FaceTuned IG photo of someone your friend group dislikes*

Person 2 : DIZZY
by helladizzy August 2, 2019
when you are super drunk, or you're drinking and becoming drunk you are getting dizzy
by dizzzyyyyyyzyzyz June 12, 2011
"Why does she talk like that? Nothing she says ever makes sense. Dizzy dumb b***h"
by primaverasierra November 18, 2021