Commonly used to express to fuck someone or something in Hong Kong, mostly used with lei lo mo (your mother) or simply with just lei (you).

The word diu can also be used as a way to express anger when someone or something triggers your rage

People who says diu will most likely never gonna fuck the one who they are talking to
Diu (fuck)
Diu lei (fuck you)
Diu lei lo mo (fuck your mother)
Diu lei lo mo chain lang fa hai (fuck your mother's swelled rotten pussy) (not commonly used)
by Lalalalala15167 February 19, 2019
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A cantonese word for wordfuck/word. Commonly used inconjunction with explicit, specific and graphic descriptions of the object that is being fucked.
Diu fuck lay your lo old hai pussy.

Diu fuck lay your lo mo mother's chau smelly hai pussy.

Diu fuck lay your see shit fut hole.
by King September 3, 2003
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The act of putting an inflated balloon on your penis and jerking off until it pops
by JohnS173 January 31, 2017
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diu” refers to a few things, however to anime and jojo fans alike, it is used to refer to Jojo’s Bizzare Adevnture Part 4. This is beacuse part 4 is called “Diamond Is Unbreakable” and can be abbreviated into “diu” or “DIU
Person 1: “Did you watch jojos bizarre adventure?”
Person 2: “Yes i have, what is your favorite part?”
Person 1: “Personally, my favorite part is diu”
by Young Sinnatraa May 20, 2021
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diu nya sing (Fuck your star)

commonly used in cantonese to express the anger.
similar with "bastard asshole"

further support the word "diu" (Fuck)
Diu nya sing, this fella really annoying.
by Kaja March 13, 2006
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stands for disappointed in you, used as a stand-in for "smh". In other words, it is a phrase used to express some form of disappointment in someone's actions. Properly used when someone messes up, lets you down, or embarrasses themselves.
"yo i just totally hooked up with this tranny last night"
-"diu son.."
"hey i can't come out tonight, i have to do homework"
-"cmon man diu"
"yo son i just applied to east virginia tech"
-"diu son that school doesnt even exist"
"hey i have a new mixtape out check it out"
-"diu man this shit sucks"
by YungJay November 4, 2010
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