wordfuck or wordf, was made famous due to a typo, and in certain sects of nerds has been used to describe a horribly distorted typo.
Yes is a word, ywf is a wordfuck.
by The Beatkeeper August 19, 2011
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1. (noun) a combination of several words into one, usually witty (see definition 2), that most people can understand almost instantly

2. (verb) mashing words together in an attempt to sound witty but instead sounding very garbled
James -Sometimes I just wish there was somewhere where I could tweet, watch online videos, and add musicians as friends at the same time.
Tad -Oh, you mean like Spacetubester: it's MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter all together.
James -Nah, that's just a wordfuck.
by TheOne.Omni February 17, 2010
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A wordsmith who can practically persuade anyone to do anything with their carefully chosen language.
That woman is the most talented and confident wordfucker I’ve ever met.
by Dr Bunnygirl April 19, 2019
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You cant seem to talk, or say a word straight. You cant have a conversation without fucking up a word.....or finding the correct word....sometimes being word fucked is when you say something but a different phrase gets mixed with whut you say, and therefore makes your sentence make no fucking sense.........
>_<: Shit......i went to look for food in the fucking upstairs refridgerator......wait, shit. ahahah, im a little WORDFUCKED

P_P: hey, dont problem.....shit, I GOT WORDFUCKED TOO!!!
by ,xnkacnvdvij December 10, 2009
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