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(1) To quote Disney phrases; phrases spoken from or in reference to any Disney movie(s) or Disney related theme(s).

(2) The act of a person using Disney movie quotes/lyrics in everyday speech by choice for humorous purposes.

(3) An incurable illness stemming from watching countless hours of Disney movies with your child/children... over and over... leaving you with the insatiable or involuntary urge to quote Disney sayings/songs in everyday life against your will.

(4) An unspoken word game, of-sorts, between parents or small Disney movie watching children and Disney fanatics.
Kacie: "Dude, Christina wants to go to the Warped Tour in Cincy, OH"
Bub: "Tell her to take the Jelly Mann... braven the jellies!" (surfer accent)
Bub: "Ha ha ah... did a Disneyism again."

*Reference is made to the movie Little Nemo; the part where Crush, the seaturtle, meets Marlin, Nemo's dad, after he braves a swarm of jellyfish to save Dorie.

Other Examples of an act of Disneyism:

(1) Bob is pissed off at work and tells his co-worker that he is going to break something if he doesn't get his way and then proceeds to intimidate you. Your response to mock him is, "OOOOH Mufasssa!!!" (Ref: The Lion King)

(2) Otis: Cuz, ain't it hunt'en season yet?
Billy-Boy: Yeah... bout time we go hunts some Bambi.

(3) P1: "You little... cretin!" (pronounces it 'krettin')
P2: "First of all, it's 'cretin' (pronounces it 'kreetin') If you're going to insult me, do it properly." (Ref: Monsters, Inc.)
by Jelly Mann February 18, 2010
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The practice of buying major companies to build a huge monopoly.
This company is notorious for Disneyism
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by Doctor WTF April 05, 2019
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