When someone doesn't agree with your opinion anymore and just shuts you down and, basically, tells you to go fuck yourself for being an individual. It usually makes you spend the weekend feeling bad about yourself.
Casey didn't want to hear anymore about my thoughts on his favorite football team so he said "On a serious note, I'm out having fun and having a good time, you're really not being cool and pissing me off just leave me alone while they play." and, upon trying to express your opinion of a tv show says "oh, shut UP, I can't deal with this" and then you feel bad inside for having tried to be a part of his life. It was all extraordinarily dismissive.
by #1 Thrilla November 9, 2009
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Word that signifies the ending of a worthless argument or time wasting conversation with someone who is being rude and nasty. Usually said in a voice dripping with sarcasm and accompanied by a "talk to the hand" gesture.
rude customer: I think you are a rude, unfriendly bitch!
me: I don't care what you think, you don't know me, you are dismissed.
by LaDeena July 4, 2009
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"You are excused"

"Your presence is no longer required"

Also a bad TV show.
Oooh, who's gonna get dismissed? Him or him? Who gives a fuck, this show should be dismissed.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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another word for when you "burn" or "own" somebody
girl- i tried to get a hold of you,what were you doing last night?
boy- your mom!
other person- OOOH DISMISSED!
by L to the A to the C-E-Y November 13, 2006
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The courtesy final hit provided to smokers prior to dismissal from a smoke session usually offered or expected by the host or the house in which the session takes place. the dismissal hit aims to conclude or wrap up every session which ends abruptly or requires kicking guests out on good terms at the peak of a newly replenished high/buzz.
Well I'm about to go home, is it cool to get a dismissal hit before I leave?

Take your dismissal hit and get out of my house and have a wonderful night
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An argument device similar to the "straw man" where opposing points are rebutted with a simplistic misrepresentation of the argument or the opposition themselves. These responses are meant to attack the credibility of the argument or arguer, not respond to an actual argument. As such, once they are delivered, both the argument and arguer are voided.

Popular in discussion of politics, specifically on the Internet and cable television and radio talk-shows.
Label and dismiss:
Person 1: President Bush's trip to China was a success.
Person 2: You're a neocon.

by ettore_rolli August 10, 2008
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