A credit card which most stores within the US now accept, but usually has a tiny credit limit.

They used to be a decent credit card company with generous credit limits and various purchase protections and deals alongside its good customer service, but now that is all in the past and they are behind even Capital One.
My Discover card I had since 2018 finally went from a limit of $250 to $1000 in 2022, so I went to the audio/video store to buy an LED TV.

The store took my Discover card, but a week later I changed my mind and decided to get a refund, only for the store to tell me "that's too bad". I called up Discover and they also told me "too bad, we haven't offered refund protection since 2018".

Now there's a broken TV in my spunk dungeon.
by Leonid117 January 29, 2022
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A credit card which most stores do NOT accept. Discover usually has a high credit limit.
I went to the audio/video store to buy a plasma tv, and the store wouldn't take my Discover card.
by qbert January 25, 2004
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A way of saying something or someone was found. Usually, it is when the masses gain knowledge of the person, product, or information. It is obviously past tense for "discover". A person that has been discovered is already known by a small group of people. Examples of a small group could be people in their neighborhood or people with specialized knowledge in a particular area. However, when a celebrity or a person of influence promotes them, that is when they are considered "discovered".

Individuals also say they discovered a product. Like when they are the first in their immediate circle to have knowledge of the product.

You could hear about a really good product from a friend out of town, then buy it and start using it. Once you introduce it to your group of friends and family and it gains popularity, you will be known as the person that discovered that product.
Did you know that Usher discovered Justin Bieber?


I discovered a new way to fake sleep on this website called dilemmas.co
by Dilemmas.co February 7, 2021
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what does he discover during his journey
by mercedes.gordon March 6, 2019
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when someone slides their hand through someone else's butt crack and yells Discover!

(see visa)
by gruff mcgruff November 9, 2008
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a) (in terms of forensic and criminal investigations): not to be confused with, and the exact opposite of, to invent.

b) (in terms of technological/medical/scientific progress): to use methods that have been used in the past (on issues that are no longer relevant in one's own society) to tackle modern issues
a) If you are a serial murderer you can be telling me your limo is triple parked all you want; you are not the brightest lightbulb in the chandelier. Forensic science is there to discover exactly what the 5 journalistic w's and 1h are in your specific case.

b) When you discover something, you are most likely using a long-ago invented, tried, and abandoned solution (to a past problem) to tackle modern issues; that being said, why can't we use methods such as corpse incineration, that have been tried during the Middle Ages on the Black Death, on the current Ebola epidemic?
by Sexydimma August 27, 2014
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A tagline added to the end of internet marketing campaigns, with the aim of increasing clicks on the advertisment. Moms have reached a golden age of innovation, heralded as more significiant than the industrial revolution. They have discovered fantastic teeth whitening, weight loss, acne removal and many other cosmetic enhancements that have eluded top researchers for decades.
"Learn the simple trick, discovered by a mom, to turn teeth whiter"

"Lose 20lbs in one week using the trick discovered by a mom from Whatever town your ISP is based in - this increases the feeling of familiarity the user feels with the entrepreneurial mom
by bonus23 September 29, 2009
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