Commonly found with four or more Discord badges, these users seem to think they are the ideal users of Discord, while treating others as inferiors. These users often have a concerning interest in anthropomorphic characters; where said characters manifest themselves in the day to day activity of a power user. Power users always have an active Nitro subscription, which is most likely set to auto-bill at monthly intervals. A power user's profile most likely contains an image or reference to a fictitious anthropomorphic character, while containing a biography which includes the power user's pronouns, neo-pronouns, their exaggerated moderation experience, and various useless tidbits that are heavily frowned upon by the general Discord userbase. While pretending to be oblivious, power users are generally aware of their "popularity" among the platform. The average power user will usually make the facetious claim that "badges are irrelevant and do not matter", while ironically displaying their numerous profile badges. It is advised to avoid interactions with a power user at all cost. If left with no choice, approach a power user with understanding, liberalism, and an intense knowledge of the Discord moderation program.
Jim: Dude! You got so many badges!! How did you get them all?
Moderator: Badges are irrelevant. Refrain from mentioning badges or you will be banned from the server.
Bob: That mod is such a discord power user tbh
by Liege.72 January 15, 2022
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A discord user is a 10 year old kid who describes themselves as a femboy, They usually go on random discord servers and then bloat about them being a femboy, when in school they wonder: "Why am I failing my math class?" while doing their schoolwork.
Member of a discord server: "There's a Discord user spamming the chat with "I AM A FEMBOY UWU"!

Mod: That's just a average discord user.
by funny45Tman October 14, 2021
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A person or robot who uses, the weeb app Discord. If you have Nitro, you're helping a pedophile company. Go back and use IRC, or just go on /b/.
Discord user: Hello kitten
Girl: Fuck off, and use 4chan or IRC
by Hello Kitty is a porn January 06, 2022
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Discord user day is a day on the 15th of December where all discord mods can break the rules.
Man, Discord user day is so fun!!!
by Lasko types urban December 11, 2020
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December 11th is discord user day. Where all members are allowed to harass mods and admins for 24hours
It's Discord User Day. The rapture has begun
by higgorgao1 December 11, 2020
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