the stuff girls excrete from their vaginas. It cleanses the body including the vagina. Its left behind in a girls panties. Its usually whitish, yellow, clear. Very sticky and wet. May also be confused with female cum, but is not the same thing.
No, baby, Im not turned on, thats discharge in my panties.
by JL July 2, 2003
To have sex with a girl, and immediately before you climax, you taser your penis, so that your partner receives not only semen, but 10,000 volts of pure love.
Bro, i gave her the discharge last night, she was convulsing with love for about 10 minutes.
by fannybandit9389 January 7, 2011
a secretion that clenses the pussy. it can come out when you least expect it.
i was shaving my pussy when discharge came out.

i slept naked last night and woke up with a lot of discharge on my thighs and the bed sheets.
by Marcy February 27, 2004
A moist creamy vaginal secretion. Usually a yellow-ish colour and with a repulsive pungent smell.

A light crusting can occur if femanine hygeine has lapsed.
her discharge gave me the dry boke and i hit a whitey!

the boot hadn't washed in weeks, when i pulled out there was discharge on ma pubes
by DOD/Alan/Broon November 20, 2006
an edible substance which is produced in the vagina, it is best consumed in the first few minutes out of the body.
look, kirraly is eating her discharge
by jacob mitchell October 10, 2006
this nasty crap that comes out of my dogs but and smells light rotton fish
by loop February 28, 2005