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The best time to execute this stunt is when its really hot and you are laying in bed and cant fall asleep. Wait until a good case of swamp ass starts to set in. Remember, be stealthy as the element of surprise is essential.
Step 1: Slide your index finger along the top of your ass crack ensuring it is moistened with your ass dew.
Step 2: Ask your significant other if they want to know a dirty secret.
Step 3: Press said index finger against your significant others lips as if to silence them and whisper "Shhh".
Now this is your dirty secret to share with one another as the receiver will be far too embarassed to tell anyone about it.
I was sweating my ass off last night and couldn't sleep so I gave my old lady a dirty secret.
by Waylon P March 21, 2008
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When you are doing a girl from behind, you softly pull her hair back and whisper in her ear "I have AIDS"
I was getting bored of Christina, so I figured the quickest way to end it was to share with her my dirty secret.
by skimordie April 08, 2008
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When you wake up next to an ugly, fat, skank ass slut that looked like a supermodel the night before. Then you lock her in your trunk and drive her home so your friends can't see her.
Damn, I picked up this 250 pound girl at the bar last night. She'll be my dirty secret.
by D.A.Z. January 25, 2007
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