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The Dirty Richard A.K.A the Harriet Tubman is the act of fucking a woman on her period and then inserting a banana into her asshole. After this she will pleasurably hand you the banana and then you must peal it and let her put her droppings in it from her ass. Then begin to digest the banana, by now you will be puking it up so puke back on the woman before you fuck her again and make sure to cover her tits in syrup and take a picture with her afterwords to see the awesome outcome of preforming a Dirty Richard.
Guy 1: Hey dude your sister looks really fucked up today and can't walk straight what's wrong?

Guy 2: I don't know man and I couldn't find any syrup for my pancakes this morning.. *sigh*

Guy 3: Oh my bad that's cause I gave her the nastiest Dirty Richard that bitch will ever get! And by the way sorry about the syrup! I can go drip some off of her tits back in the bottle if you want because I drowned those love bags in that shit.

Guy 2: Umm.....
by Mark Twain69 January 14, 2013
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