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Dirty Arab is the term given to arab oil barons who live extravengent lifestyles contrasting to their poor slave workers.
Generally dirty arab people live in Duabi, drive luxury cars, own palaces, degrade women, wear silk turbans and marry slutty women who will do anything for a buck.

While there slave workers live in derelict conditions, recive minimal pay and work 12hr days in 50 degree heat
by btg1769 March 04, 2008
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When you are fucking a girl in the ass, and she gets shit on your dick. You grab the nearest toilet paper roll, grab some tissue and quickly wrap it around the tip of your penis. Then, turn said "bitch" around and shove your newly turband dick down the "bitch's" throat.
last night the bitch was givin' me shit so, I Dirty Arab'd that cunt!
by John smith the 101dth December 06, 2008
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