When you pin a female up against your wardrobe and subsequently snap your banjo in two, forcing the female to retreat to your hairless older brother.
"Hey Geoff! Why are you in pain?"
"I just gave Gina a Dirty Joe Willis last night!"
"Damn dude, you better get that seen to."
by Jack Willa October 21, 2020
The act of someone selling ice cream at your school, but you replace the vanilla ice cream with your cum. Then you fuck the first customer even if it means you're gay.
Oh my god, when I was going home, someone did a Dirty Joe. It tasted and felt pretty good.
by Big bobooie biggy boobie January 5, 2022
When you get the lotion in hand about to bust a nut, then realize why jerk off your bitch baby dick when you can fuck your brother ky's wife.
So you pack your house up get your overnight bag. Wait for the moving company to pick up your belongings and then move over to your brother ky's house to fuck the shit out of his wife while he watches, and then you pull out that incest dick and watch your brother clean off your dick shuvel with his mouth.
Then ky will continue to eat your cum out his wife.
And then once the jealously kicks in ky then decides to get revenge, by no other then fucking his brother joe in return. Witch they both enjoy, while the wife sits back with a pussy full of incest cum.
Family motto is its not incest if it's in your best interest.
Dirty Joe. Ya good one we all nonits not incest if it's in your best interest.
by The start July 11, 2022