An untidy, dirty and smelly neither region known as the ass and bunghole or crotch.
After a long day of working on the construction site, Roger came home and showered and washed his Dirty Ass.
by Eaton Holgoode April 22, 2015
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When your best friend does something to ur mum and now you have a fucked up little bro.
IT was DIRTY ASS and now a have a little sis
by Emi's fat ass March 10, 2022
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1)not to be actually dirty but used in a tense of being a stupid ass. instead of being a stupid ass yur being a dirty ass.
Girl#1: hey what u doin
Girl#2: nothin starin at the wall
Girl#3: oh u a dirty ass!!
by courtney143 February 9, 2008
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Essentially a slut, a dirty ass ho is usually associated with a gold digger.
MC Ren: If I see you at my show I call you a bitch or a dirty ass ho
by J-Bra May 18, 2009
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A slutty ass bitch who probly got da herp.

A whore that don't give a fuck and likely engages in recreational drug use as well as other hood rat type activities.
Tim: What's good?
Mike: Chillin. Probly gonna hang with Taronda later.

Tim: Oh, that dirty ass bitch? Better wrap it twice.

Mike: Bet
by Shark Cobain August 29, 2016
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A person who is constantly dirty always messy doesnt know what to do with their life a hoe always got some shit to say when they know damn well they broke asf always in people business doesnt know when to shut up fake as fuck always asks for other people food
Omg did you see that "dirty ass bitch" over there she is always tryna do something with her rat sewer smelling ass
by Whackasshoes March 8, 2018
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a dirty ass pig is an out of control cop who abuses his or her authority acts outside of the law with impunity and knows how to get away with it
buddy you better be careful out there

dude why

the dirty ass pigs are on the prowl

wow that serious dude

buddy yelp you got that right buddy
by littlejimmie February 18, 2019
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