Goofy, silly, a person with a duh moment.
Magen why do you have to be so dippy?
by Shizzley January 16, 2013
When someone is acting like a dipshit, but you do not feel the need to curse at them because they know what they did wrong.
What’s Obama’s last name again? “ said Gary, “Shut up, Dippy!” Responded Kyle
by Jrbothe November 30, 2018
Dippy means to be a complete stupid fucking dumbass, plain and simple.
by Josephp111 March 5, 2004
Someone Displaying Dip shit like qualities.
Stop acting like a dippy and get the fuck out of the fire.
by PureChaos August 14, 2009
The female version of dappy from n-dubz
Bill: "Wow she's got a hat like dappy from n-dubz"
Ben: "So she's dippy"
by PandaPops June 16, 2009
To become angry and aggressive, maybe even throw some punches
After being heckled by some onlookers, Tim became extremely dippy
by HadlerSnakeEyes August 4, 2008