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'Dinocore' (also known as 'Dyno') is a genre of music, originating from the Jurassic Period.

The Style of music is based upon hardcore metal influenced by Dinosaurs. It has been revived in the early 2000's and has become popular in areas of Western Europe. Dinocore is a less well known genre of music but is popular in much of the underground scene as with various other styles, such as: hardcore punk, battle metal and most certainly Grindcore.

Dinocore brings elements of all style of music. Ranging from Grindcore to classical. Rooting from it's early days Dinocore usually produces short, fast paced songs often with anti-meteorite lyrics.

"Dinocore to me is more than just sound.
It's a way of life, a way to express yourself in ways never thought possible. Dinocore is music."
David Jennings - Lead Growler - Tyrano

==Band Line-up==

A Dinocore band is made up of usually seven or more members. Instruments most commonly used include:

Drums (consisting mainly of Double Pedal and Cymbals),
2nd Guitar,
Bass Guitar,
2nd Bass Guitar,

Dyno also has a large vocals line-up with:

A lead Vocalist,
Lead Screamer (with elements of hardcore),
Lead Growler,

It is rare for one band to have all of these instruments and only one band has included them all, 'Saurus X'


Little is known about the early beginnings of Dinocore. It is believed it began in the Eurasian area when the music was little more than make-shift drums and three growlers. The Style grew from here but lay dormant with groups passing on the music to there children.

==Revival and early 2000's==

Dinocore came back into play in early 2001 with the many garage bands deciding to take Hardcore "up a notch".

Early grindcore bands began playing free concerts in public parks, greens and in their own back gardens. The ideas was to not buy into the corporate, money making scheme the music business was thought to have become. Free concerts were set up all over and the idea soon spread. The concerts were not to be called 'Gigs' but 'Digs' and they would be held in open spaces colloquially known 'Craters'.

The ideailistic view of a world without record companies and 'labels' soon died out as many Dyno bands went onto sign. These bands were known as 'Sell Outs' to the re-creators of the genre. New bands trying to 'keep it Old School' couldn't compete with the new found fame the signed bands were getting so they decided to start a label of their own.

"I had to change it. Kids were going out there playing digs, playing their fingers to the bone, trying to get noticed at craters all over, but there was no competing. So, thats why we got together and formed DynoCorp." David Wilkes - CEO DynoCorp -

==Dinocore Bands==

-Saurus X
-The Rawwr
-The Anger
-Prehistoric Fusion
-The Dying Raptors
-The Meteorite Fell
-The Comets
-David and The Dinosaur
-A Single Tear

"Fast paced, out of key, out of tune? ..... Vintage Dinocore."

"Hey, did you see that Dig 'The Rawwr' played last night?..."

"Yeah, the crater was alive man!"

"Dude, 'CHOMP!' may think they're Dyno, but they've gone totally New Rhino...."
by Tyrano November 14, 2008
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Something that has to do with dinosaurs and is hardcore at the same time. So pretty much all things that have to do with dinosaurs, becuase they rule.
"Dude, that T-Rex is so Dinocore. He ate that Parasaurolophus like it was nothing."
by Jordan (Captain Awesome) November 06, 2006
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a cult started by young teens who may look a little gay or have an emo style,They Descent from Scene kids.And love Shark X punch
Dude Your hair is so DINO-CORE, i love it.
by cush cush September 27, 2005
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A genre of music that mixes metal with melodic hardcore,

the original Dinocore band was "We're Being Hunted"

ofcourse getting their name from the jurassic park movie, raptor scene.
"sounds like a really metal version of the band the ghost inside, yea thats Dinocore"
by AFangi August 23, 2011
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