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Adjective: Used to describe a person of immensely muscular physical build. Implies that the person (or in some cases object) being described is assumed to wield an incredible amount of force and/or power. A 'diny' person is usually one who is known for frequenting the gym often, in hopes of increasing his/her muscle mass. A person with a 'diny' personality is also inclined to sport expensive, brand name jeans to show his/her icredible fashion sense, tight shirts that accentuate his/her muscular physique, and a red diny band to make his/herself look just straight fucking gangsta!
1)Describing a person:
-Hyun: My, that fellow yonder seems rather diny, wouldn't you agree.
-Woo: Indeed. Yet, surely we ouselves are rather diny as well, are we not?
by Suberatu February 02, 2007

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Noun: A special type of headband, usually red and of an expensive brand, worn by those who are typically considered to be diny.
Eric: I better go to the mall and stock up on some more of those awesome fucking diny bands!
by Suberatu February 02, 2007

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