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some one who is generally considered a pikey, you known the dirty smelly kids , that are always stealing things.
guy1: unlucky mate, i heard about your car.
guy2: yeh i know some fucking dingos stole my new wheels.
by Ledgmeistergeneral January 26, 2009
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Most commonly mistaken as a kind of dog, when in reality it is a synonym for the persons who have no common sense, a fool, or in other words, a dunce.
What goes through your mind?! You dingo!
by Black§Pearl January 11, 2004
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young boys who hit on older women
opposite male version of cougar (dingo)
by Jmef March 23, 2007
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An Orange haired four legged person, usually bisexual, with a pink nose. The most annoying Dingo is Wario. They appear as innocent people in movies like "Honey I blew up the kid" and "Pokemon-The rise of Darkrai".
Wow, that dingo just got stomped by a giant baby.
by glaires April 4, 2010
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What happens when a guy, too much alcohol and a fugly girl mix in the wrong way. This can lead to one of two things: first, the guy waking up the morning after, see who is sleeping on top of his arm and try to bite it off to escape - like a dingo will bite off his leg to escape a trap. Second, if you've drunk a bit too much - or you realise who you're trying to sleep with ..... well, dingo' hard, and dingo' in.
1. "How did your night go?" "Terrible, ended up with a right dingo"

2. "I'm sorry about the dingo, I've been under a lot of stress."
by Nykrus October 5, 2008
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What austrialians say to attempt to show off as they think they are cool.
NZer: We bet you at the test mate.
Aus: Do you need some glasses mate you were off side. DINGO DINGO DINGO. DINGO DINGO DINGO.
NZer:You aussies are getting dumber by the minute.
by Kiwis Rule July 7, 2009
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What we call in America: a Dog.
Often referred as: Common Dog.
Mark was bitten by an american-dingo while he was walking in the dog park.
by UrbanWizard April 1, 2007
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