A dingo is when you are stuck in the middle of a poo
can't talk right now im in a dingo
by rob holding January 4, 2017
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A sex hungry curvy Australian Babe, always reps east coast. Usually the term is applied to an Aussie in another country: USA, UK, etc.
Bro, this chick I'm dating is a complete Dingo.
by EastCoastAmerican March 8, 2010
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A term used to describe something cool or awesome.
That was so dingo!

I had a dingo time last night!
by RMC1991 September 7, 2009
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A slang term for "heroic criminal". Also used to imply someone is good at selling. Based off of folklore in Western Washington.
Jax: Aren't you worried about getting jacked?
Stephen: Naw, this guy is a total Dingo.

Jax: That's a lot, what are you gonna do with it all?
Stephen: I'm gonna Dingo the sh** out of it and make some monay!
by Jax&Steph February 4, 2010
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1)An Australian
2)mythical dog-like creature of Australia
you fucking Dingo!!!!
by dingorulz November 27, 2003
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When a girl is being a bitch and wants your attention so she flirts constantly with you and other guys
Wow she was talking to me yesterday saying she liked me now she is flirting with another guy because wants my attention what a dingo
by Pablo_penguin_99 November 21, 2014
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