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Kim Namjoon’s dimples burn the hearts of many ARMYS
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by BTS fan July 12, 2018
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a small hollow place, esp. in a person's face and usually considered attractive.
Iyad has a dimple on his right cheek.
by Iyad Nemer April 17, 2008
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A small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, especially in the cheek or on the chin.
by CrosswordPuzzle October 31, 2011
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something that you're born with,my nickname,small(or large) hollow dents in your cheeks, whether it in be your butt or your facial cheeks.
"Wow, she has a pretty smile!!!,and look at her pretty dimples!!!!"
by *~Dimples~* July 06, 2006
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1)one of the most attractive things on a guy.
2)makes people look amazingly cute when they smile.
3)something that captivates a girl if on a guy.
1) Sam looks hot with his dimples
2) "Hattie's got such a cute smile."

"That's because she has dimples."
3) "What do you like most about Ben's face?"

"His dimples, i find them attractive."
by <3ScoutingForGirls<3 January 17, 2013
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A: Dude, I think I have an STI or something, there's a huge pulsating blood-filled mountain on my wang.

B: Yo cracka', it's a dimple.
by Wahlberger December 01, 2010
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