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A DilDad is a Dildo which has been shaped by the users father. Particularly women with Daddy issues
So I've bought myself a dildad to resist the urge to actually have sex with my father. At least I know how he feels inside of me without the incest
by Alright Aree? April 16, 2017
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A male equivalent of a Milf, a person with children that young women find attractive.
Have you seen that guy Jenny's dating? He's really old! She tells me he's a Dildad.
by Shagwan January 12, 2011
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Originating in West Las Vegas in the late 80's and then making it's way to the Mid South, Dildad is just another way of saying Dildo.
Joel: Did you get that Porno magazine from your stash?
Brian: Hell Yea, check it out this bitch is fucking herself with a dildad!

*Shit goes wrong*
Random Guy: Well fuck me up the ass with a big rubber dildad.
by Skazellino July 23, 2013
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