A contraction for "Digital Collectible". Digitibles are blockchain based digital collectibles that represent a brand or cause. Purpose driven non-fungible tokens are a driving for for social good.
I went online and bought some digitibles of my favourite actor the other night. I was able to list it on OpenSea and put it up for auction and made 2 eth!
by digitibles March 31, 2020
To have your digits inside someone. To finger aka fingerbang aka fingerblast.
Dude, I was so gonna after I popped that molly. I digitized that girl right on the dance floor.
by HLAUSF March 3, 2015
A metaphorical medium similar to DVD in which the recordings of potentially embarrassing actions are physically published, immortalizing their existence. Also used by the acronyms DDDF or D3F.

Inadvertently created by Garrett Hunter, member of internet sketch comedy group Mega64.
"Are you happy there's a video of you pissing about to be sent worldwide?"

"Yeah, well, I put it on YouTube anyway, so now it's on Digital Digital Digital Forever."
by poopfeast420 November 15, 2012
An awesome german electronic music duo. Their sound varies from electronic rock ("Anything New", "I Want I Want") to electro house ("Zdarlight", "The Pulse"). Their newest release is a new EP called "Blitz", and they have a new album coming soon aswell.
Dude 1: Have you heard that new Digitalism track?
Dude 2: Yeah man it rocks my socks!
by cheesieness November 8, 2010
Hey baby, why don't you let me get your digits
I saw you talking to that hottie, did you get her digits?
by Anonymous June 26, 2002
Digit-ent (digital+content)
Of, relating to, and everything about digital content.
Have you checked their account? Their digitent is insanely creative!
by Digiclique March 1, 2021
it's easy for most people to count to twenty using their digits for help. tony goes one better, he can count up to twenty and a half!
by theWestHamfan December 31, 2004