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A video game system that transmits the game into the brain and makes the game become reality. Created by Dr. Poque.
Mega64 playing RE4
Player "What are you Sellin!"
Person "uh... Pizza"
Player "I'll buy it at a high price"
by Will T. June 20, 2006
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A series about 2 teen agers captured by the evil Dr.Poque to beta test his sinister console the Mega 64. It basically downloads old games to a players brain, making the experience all to real. They are 2 guys running through Clafornia dresses up as video game charecters. Some examples are Ghost and Goblins, dig dug, tetris, and Banjo and Kazooie. It is fricken awesome, and asides from red vs blue and lewis black its the coolest thing ever.
"Whats this robot for"
Marcus-"Ill tell you what it doesn't do...and that is kill people!"

Video Game designer-"I am a little hungry"
Marcus-"there is a muffin over there"
Dr.Poque from behind wall-...No! No!
Marcus-NOOOOO!!!!! (marcus...who is a puppet...flys at the man, hitting the muffin from him)
by Mustache Man March 18, 2005
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