1. Way to involved busy-body mothers
2. Helicopter mom
3. That mom that shows up 4 hours early for carpool.
“Did she just dance up on another kids dad.... she must be a diggy!”
by notadiggy101 January 01, 2018
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Noun A gamer that plays Forntite but only has the default skin or emote, alternativly a "Twitch Prime Diggy" is a Diggy that has the twitch prime set with the default emote.

Verb To get Diggied, to be killed at the start of a Fortnite game by a Diggy that gets a blue Pump shotgun and one shots you before you get a gun.
Oh shit, I just got diggied by a Twitch Prime Diggy.
by LividLeo May 29, 2018
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a friend, pal, or other accquaintance. Usually used when the said person is getting overly excited or angry.
Woah there diggy! Let's all just settle down!
by Jimmy January 31, 2004
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an interesting girl with an odd taste in boys. For example she will see a rather old man and say : 'HE IS ONE HOT CHILLY PEPPER'.
Girl 1: He is so fit!
Girl 2: Don't be such a diggy!
by WELOVEWILL November 01, 2011
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