He's a charming guy who can make you smile/laugh at anything. He has good hair but the way he styles it is ugly. He loves his friends and you can trust him at anything. Diego would help you out in any way possible. He loves his girlfriend and treats her with respect. Usually when he's broken into a million of pieces he still hides it all and pretends he's fine. Seeing the one he loves with someone else kills him. Diego is an amazing guy.
by Deep definition February 27, 2017
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someone that is really attractive and has a nice personality too. sometimes has a beard too.
wow he's definatly a diego. just look at him! or he looks like he may be a diego.
by mike w February 14, 2005
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A male, who is usually characterized by being suave and sophisticated.

Han Solo and James Bond's love child.
Not awkward in the least.
Also, another name for a spork.
Girl: That Diego fellow is, interesting.

Boy: He's too sophisticated for his own good.

Girl: Too charming.
Boy: Too cool.
by *Supermegafoxyawesomehot* June 16, 2011
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Charming , Beautiful , Hilarious , Intelligent and extremely Geeky .
Diego's can sometimes come in orange/brown/red/blonde hair , and do . You'll know when a diego is awesome because he will also have :
a curly spanish fro , 2 eternally fighting front bottom teeth , very clean toes and fingers cuticles not included , blue green & yellow eyes all at once , thick man eyebrows , golden skin , cheek pimples , a sexy build and a strong nose . All must be apparent when searching for a GOOD diego .

Their charm can surpass any man's , especially John Stamos . Their beauty is so overwhelming that you must carry a pillow on you at all times because you will faint , and possibly experience brain damage if you hit your head . BEWARE OF THE CONSUMPTION OF BEVERAGES when listening to the Diego , for their humor will cause your nose to errupt , irregularly of course . The intelligence of the diego should make anybody wary , thats all i have to say about that .

But of course , what makes a good diego - what makes a really AWESOME diego , is the geekiness that is THEIR BRAIN .
With that 'Nuff said - You've been informed .
Q: Whats beautiful , silly and can easily be brought in with smiggle bait ?

A: the diego
by Chelssor Rexx September 01, 2010
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(v.) a loving,caring,sweet,adorable,charming,intelligent,cute,dorky, boy that loves his family,friends,his girlfriend, and soccer!! He is a complete dork that makes you smile and laugh. he cares for others interests and feelings. he cares for his future. he loves kicking the ball, and is awesome at it too. he loves his girlfriend with all his heart, he will do anything to make her happy!! he loves life, and is perfect in any and every way.
My baby is such a Diego!! <3.
by Thanya Santana. :) July 06, 2011
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He’s a hot Hispanic teen who can get groovy on the dance floor. Whenever you end up dancing with him, he brings you closer to him, gripping on to your hips and swaying to the music. He’s charming, sweet, funny, and such a gentleman. He loves soccer and skiing, has two dogs. Tall and looks really good in suits especially in a bow tie and suspenders. He may be a bit shy but very flirtatious when he’s with his special girl. He’ll always check up on you and will buy you gifts. When things heat up in the bedroom, he knows just the right moves to keep you going at it. He is the best person you will ever meet in your life, if u ever get the chance to meet a Diego, keep him.
Girl 1: ooo who’s that hottie on the dance floor
Girl 2: oh that’s Diego, he’s so hot
by Maya V;) June 28, 2018
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