Dude 1: I heard they arrested Diede on the news!
Dude 2: Why was she arrested?
Dude 1: She ate a babie!
Dude 2: I vote Diede as president
by itsanacething September 19, 2020
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An extremely cute dutch girl. She enjoys eating babies. Diede has a child apple, a cake waifu and a color as her best friend. Diede has great taste. She is an artist. She likes ducks. Everything Diede says is legally a joke and you can't expose her on twitter for it.
Guy 1: Is that Diede?
Guy 2: Yes, I want her to be my waifu i love her
by simp.1234 September 19, 2020
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Dude 1: Bro! i heard Diede got arressted!

Dude 2: What! no way! why?
Dude 1: Apparently she ate a baby!
Dude 2: I vote Diede as President!
by itsanacething September 19, 2020
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Internet-language for died

Often used in the comments on sites like 9gag, when the post is about someone who did something dangerous and could have severely hurt themselves. Frequently, when someone uses "died", he will instantly be corrected to dieded"

May also be extended to "diededed" or even longer and more exaggerated forms.
(someone does a backflip and fails, a video of that gets poster as a gif on 9gag)

Comment #1: Did he die?
Comment #2: *diededed
Comment #3: *diededdeathdedded
by Makesaeri March 13, 2015
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Scientific Term~
Someone or something that is dead, dying, alive but dead on the inside, or just not living in general (i.e. attached to a life support machine). Often used by Scientologists, Scientology, and Tom Cruise. Using this term gives you +50 int.
Jebus Crist dieded, therefore he is both dead and alive... Like a zombie...
by Ien der Meister December 20, 2016
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Dieded means when you laugh so hard you can’t breath so you dieded
by Esprint May 4, 2019
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A slang term invented by our lord and savior Juanathan. It means "died", but language fucking evolves, and so does human stupidity. Dieded can often be used in chinglish. It is generally used to express stress, death, exhaustion, and in rare cases, the process of being stalked.
Mai Dong Lao: "Dude that AP test was so hard"
RapGod: "Yo where did Juice go?"
Mai Dong Lao: "He took one sip of wine and Dieded in his room."
by N00BSL@Y3R August 18, 2016
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