Christopher Paolini wrote in his book Eldest that “everyone dies alone…whether you are a king on a battlefield or a lowly peasant lying in bed among your family, no one can accompany you into the void…” While that may ultimately be true, you probably want someone to hang out with for a few years before you die.

If you feel like you’re destined for a lonely life, it’s not too late to change that. If you exhibit too many of these signs, you can work to overcome them. Then you can live happily with your family before ultimately dying alone
11 signs you going to die alone
1.You’re A Horrible Roommate
2.You Delay Asking Someone Out
3.You’re Too Picky
4.You Believe In “The One”
5.You’re Rude To Waiters
6.You Brag Too Much On Facebook
7.You’re Depressing People On Twitter
8.You Lie To The Delivery Guy
9.You Own Non-Complimentary Animals
10. You’re A Hoarder
11.You Constantly Worry About Dying Alone
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 6, 2019
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when someones peronality is so hideous that he can never be accepted into social society, he will never form any bonds of any kind. he will have no friends, and never get married. he is destined to die alone.
cool guy: hello there buddy!
dario: (scowls and spits)
cool guy: dario you are destined to die alone
by tinytom January 20, 2007
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"Ride alone die alone" is a saying that was created by a upcoming Florida rapper known as, Eastwayy Soulja. It's a saying that he will die alone so he ride alone and dont need friends.
"Ima die alone so I'm gon ride alone jitt ion need nobody wit me".
-Eastwayy soulja (Ride alone die alone)
by Mr.xplainer August 15, 2021
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