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"Ride alone die alone" is a saying that was created by a upcoming Florida rapper known as, Eastwayy Soulja. It's a saying that he will die alone so he ride alone and dont need friends.
"Ima die alone so I'm gon ride alone jitt ion need nobody wit me".
-Eastwayy soulja (Ride alone die alone)
by Mr.xplainer August 15, 2021
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“NM6” is the ave of the vultures which is located in the Eastside of North Miami. There are many gang members/hotheads also known as the “vultures” that are willing to die about the 6th ave, when someone’s disrespecting the set. There are also some fake false claiming wannabes that claims the ave but not spinning.. when the real vultures finds out, they mostly get confronted or harmed.
i’m frm the 6 jit” or “NM6 Eastside shit fuck nigga!”
by Mr.xplainer September 8, 2022
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