When one does something alone because no one will go with them
Victoria: "Can you go to lunch at noon?"

Emily: "No, sorry I have class"

Victoria: "Damn, looks like it will be a solo mission"
by victorytalks.93 December 9, 2011
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A solitary journey to the heart of intoxication. Often the last (but sometimes the first) refuge of the lonely.
After she left me, I went on a spectacular solo mission.
by Blah #5 August 22, 2005
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"That's kinda awkward but I went on a solo mission last night.."
"Dude same"
by Kingimarii4658 March 31, 2019
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Going out by oneself, whether to write graffiti, steal, or whatever.
by ZK one June 2, 2013
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Usually a guy (playa or gashman) but could be a cougar on their own in a bar or club on a predatorial hunt for action.

The playa will often make up some fictious excuse as to why he or she is alone but in truth they prefer to hunt alone and often do so (in preference to using a wingman).

Refering to the military origin - solo players consider themselves as experienced assasins or ninja's in the art of the singles bar or clubland.
You here alone?

My mates bailed on me and left me on a Solo Mission ...

S/he pulled and three was a crowd so I left them to go solo ...
by Gman139 May 12, 2011
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