When playing Mario Super Sluggers, Diddy is a guy you want on your team. With the Banana Ball and Banana Swing, he just can't be beat.
Diddy Kong is the best player you'll ever have, especially when he's the CAPTAIN of his own team, the Diddy Monkeys. Diddy is just short for Diddy Kong
by Matt11111 November 27, 2011
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The well known sidekick from the donkey kong series. Although it seems he is small he can actually over power anyone at anytime. He runs the game and when hes angry, watch out, he'll throw his hat
Chuck Norris couldnt even look at diddy kong without crying.
by Scott Squires November 11, 2006
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1) The best kind of sidekick you'll ever get! Best known as the strongest chimpanzee in the Donkey Kong series

2) To wear a red cap and you're favourite food is bananas

3) To be near a muscular friend
1) Diddy: Second banana is what I am!

2) That dude is... imitating? Diddy Kong!

3) I'm Diddy and this is my buddy DK
by your best idiot March 27, 2010
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The act of anally masturbating roughly with a banana, usually in a public restroom. After achieving orgasm, the banana is ingested leaving only remnants of fecal matter, and blood on the remaining banana peel. The peel is then displayed as a form of trophy, usually hanging over the side of a garbage can, or even over stall doors.
That guy just gave himself a wicked Diddy Kong
by CosmicRatSalad March 24, 2022
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when you're having sex and you pull out put a banana in fill a straw wit chocolate milk and shoot it out. while the girl cant tel cuz she is dumb
by 444ll444k April 16, 2009
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To penetrate with an unmittigated voracity. As well, a "fat" penis is neccessary.
I diddy kong-ed that bitch in the ass. Damn though, when I was through, that dime piece tiptapped (search tiptaps) me till my lips blew up to the size of small island. Go dumb in your backpack!
by Bloatie The Pizza Hog April 2, 2006
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A sex game that is played much like the Nintendo 64 version. As the penis is being inserted into the vagina, the man clearly states "Get Ready...GO!" much like the beginning of an N64 race. As the woman orgasms for the first time, the man says "Lap 2". The second time she orgasms he says "Final Lap" and when he busts a load, he yells "FINISH!" Cumming before the final lap is strictly prohibited.
Yo, I totally tested my Diddy Kong Racing skills on that chick last night.
by cstonz February 11, 2009
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