Dickriding is when someone overpraises another person with intentions to get noticed, or to get approval by that person. This person acts like a groupie in hopes of obtaining extra cool points with that person.
Dickriding=commenting on every status a person puts up on facebook or twitter. Commenting on and liking every photo a certain person puts up on facebook whether or not the status makes sense. Usually the commenting and liking happens within the first minute of the posting.
by LADY Inc November 14, 2011
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When a person is always being a follower towards another person. Always want to be a groupie to someone. Always hanging out with them like they’re their bitch. Sucking up to ; to make theirself look inferior to someone.
Look at that nigga always dickriding his homie.
by Unknown.lover March 01, 2018
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Dickriding(Verb)-(1)Dickriding is a situation where a freind or aquintance becomes very attached to a certain person.
Many times that pperson will find themselves behaving differently or acting like the person they are "dickriding".
(2)Or just being "on someones nuts".
Person 1:Damn that niggas actin' just like Jimmy he better stop Dickriding.
Person 2: Simon Ese!!!
by Megilla Vediaz November 03, 2006
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commonly used in rap battles - if u vote for ur friend even though the other person had the better diss

to sweat a rappers nuts and only talk about him, refusing to think he has any error
man this nigga spit 1 bar and beat me..fuckin dickride votes

this nigga dickrides 50 man thats all he talk about
by Griff July 01, 2004
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someone who is a follower not a leader
Look at Maria shes copying my style what a dickrider!
by Carla Alfaro February 28, 2003
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Someone who "sucks up" to one another, always agreeing with that person for something in return i.e. power. Thus, they are "riding" that individual's dick.
Senator John McCain rides the media's dick, agreeing with them anytime he can. Therefore, he is a dickrider.
by Random Moron Defining Words August 28, 2006
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Used just like "no homo". when you are giving somebody props but you don't want to seem like you're obsessed. Prevents the embarrassing "Hop off his/her dick."
I swear you be pullin all the bitties. No dickride though.
by uAlready November 14, 2010
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